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Birthday praise

Do over Before the Game is over

Today is my 32nd Birthday. My aunt sent me this photo. In 2006, I was about 17 and I preached a sermon called Do over before the game is over. I laughed when I saw this photo because I did not yet have a full understanding of God’s redemption at 17. But wow it resonates me with today. That God is in the heavens and he’s in charge. He’s still God and I’m not Him. That the game is only over when he says it is. I’ve been preoccupied by all matter of physical illness but not only can God heal he can heal in a way that people never knew you were sick. Dear Lord, we thank you for what you’ve Done so far in our lives. We praise you for your character of love and long suffering patience. We praise you for being bigger and better than we can understand. Please help us to ask for what we need. To speak to you. If our tendencies are to withdraw let us instead draw nearer. Please give us a do over before the game is over. In the name of Jesus we pray, Amen.

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