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Gratitude? – it’s that time of year again 

Dear Reader, 

It’s November, so it’s time for all that gratitude and thankfulness talk. Gratitude and Thankfulness are not actually the same thing. Thankfulness is the feeling. Gratitude requires showing appreciation. Let yourself bubble up with Thankfulness so that you can act out in Gratitude. 

A couple of things I feel Thankful for: 

  • I finally got to see my parents after a year
  • That I have food in my fridge
  • That I have blankets and a space heater
  • That I have a roof over my head
  • That I have a job
  • That I have medicine and medical doctors working for my good
  • That I can walk and talk 
  • Fall leaves and the sun peaking through the clouds as I write this post 

Sometimes it’s the little things that,  if we focus, can make our cups run over with thankfulness. Take a moment for that today.