Understanding What is a Spiritual Calling and how it Differs from an Ordinary Job

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Everyone has a spiritual calling, but too few people are taking action to fulfill their purpose through their professional field. It takes courage and determination to align your career goals with your spiritual calling, especially when it requires substantial changes or transferable skills. However, if we commit ourselves to making conscious decisions about how to use our burgeoning talents for something greater than ourselves, we can make meaningful progress in our professional lives and in our society overall. Through this journey of ethical development and evolution of ideas, we can unleash the power of change within us to reach new heights as professionals and be better citizens of the world. Most people do not follow their spiritual calling in their career. The reason for this is lack of courage and determination. Many people are afraid of change and they just want to stay in what they know.

For some of us, who are like me, your spiritual calling is very linked to your current job so it seems pretty easy to now what you are supposed to do. For others, the answer is not so clear. For example, if you have a job that is value based with a lot of your resources coming from the success of other people, or if you are dependent upon society for your livelihood, then it could be difficult to figure out what your spiritual calling is.One may call this journey one’s life because it affects all aspects of who they are and how they live. This journey can be long and at times monotonous depending on the individual’s choices in their life, can take many, many years to get to a place where they even know what their calling is. I’m not saying all people have to be spiritual, all people aren’t spiritual. I’m simply suggesting to consider the idea of your calling in life, as a personal journey, because that’s what it is. It is something you are on. You choose where you go and how long you stay there, but it’s important to know what your life will look like if you choose this path.

At the same, I do not think that not taking the path right away means you’ll never get there. I know for myself, it never occurred to me to take the path I’m currently on. It took great shifts, and many disappointments/ traumas for me to find, get on, and commit to staying on my path. Let’s not forget what happened to Jonah. I am not saying that we should take the night to cry and realize how horrible our lives are. Don’t listen to the naysayers, this is not an invitation for depression.What I am saying is, let’s give ourselves time to mourn, reach out for support if we need it, and then commit to taking action towards an outcome that will fuel our dreams with actions and greatness. If you can’t envision any way of living your best life on Earth without committing yourself fully and immediately then you may be in need of some therapy anyways! Find a counselor or a christian life coach or whatever you think you need to help you find out who you are and what you are called to do in this life.

What is a Spiritual Calling and how it Differs from an Ordinary Job

Have you ever heard the saying, “Do what you love and you will never work a day in your life?” That phrase was coined for those who are brave enough to follow their spiritual calling. A spiritual calling is an inner calling or prompting to pursue something that interests us deeply and touches our soul in profound ways. It often defies explanation, but has a powerful impact on our lives.

In contrast to an ordinary job, a spiritual calling often transcends material success and is embedded in the pursuit of a greater good or purpose. This could take the form of selfless giving to others, creative expression of your true being, or developing mastery at something valuable that will benefit humanity in some way. This type of work requires courage because it can involve giving up security and comfort in favor of pursuing something with no guarantee of rewards except inner satisfaction.

In Christian circles, the word “ calling” has been given alot of air time. Alot of people are talking about their calling so you might be wondering what is mine. First, all of us are called to believe and love God. Thats the first calling we have all received as children of God. Second, to some, God gave a special mission: some of that may be short term like a summer trip, or singing in a particular church choir. Some of us have lifelong missions: to be a Pastor, or to be an overseas missionary. Some of us have missions unconnected with our jobs.

The very first step to figuring out a spiritual calling is to assess your skills. What are passionate about? What you talented at doing? What you love to do? Sometimes our spiritual calling lies in a gift or talent God gave us, like the ability to bake or to sing.

Sometimes, a spiritual calling is closely related to a job. It is a calling which compels us, pushes us on our life journey, and may lead us to abandon or change our jobs or careers. But it is not always the case: one needs some skills in order to do the things that come from their calling. Other times people’s spiritual callings don’t fully align with their jobs: we have skills in other areas which we could use for a better job but instead choose the callings that are consistent with our moral values and lifestyle goals.Some of this post may seem like it is meant as an argument against “God calling us to a specific job” – but that’s not the case. It’s possible that God may have given you a specific job or career which is in line with your spiritual calling. Like I said, that’s my story. The point of this post is to make you take a deeper look at yourself and what God placed in you… and to encourage you to live a life worthy of the calling God has placed on your life. 

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