Christian Blog: Irrevocably Beloved

For Jesus And For The Culture. . .Being Black, Christian and a Millennial In America

Dear Reader,

Irrevocable is defined as not able to be replaced or taken back. Beloved is defined as dearly loved or treasured. The purpose of this blog is to acknowledge that in spite or because of my brokenness God’s grace is perfected in me. In the words of Henri Nouwen: “We are chosen and blessed. When we have truly owned this, have said “Yes” to it. Then we can face our own and others’ brokenness with open eyes. ”
Thank you for stopping by. My name is Sarah Francois. I am a lot of things. I am a writer, poet, graphic designer,Scrapbooker, Anime enthusiast, etc. However, my most defining characteristic is that I am a daughter of the King, and beloved by Him. I started this blog to share my spiritual journey with you. I hope that you can come alongside me either because you also believe or because you are curious. I did not go looking for God. I did not want God. I was pretty sure I didn’t need him. But he found me anyways. He pursued me and I hope he pursues you too.