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Begin now, Begin again

I took the February Law School Admissions Test (LSAT). The whole process was really exciting and overwhelming. I self-studied and then took an intensive course. It was no joke. Just because God guides you towards a field and a harvest doesn’t mean he isn’t going to ask you to pick up a hoe. Don’t live your life like you’re Harry Potter… Waiting on something magical to happen. Nah I’m already adored, favored and annoited. I don’t need a letter from Hogwarts to begin my life. It is so true that when we are secure in our identity ( as a son or daughter of God), a whole host of things begin to happen. Everything doesn’t seem like an exercise in futility. All of a sudden, tying your shoes and washing the dishes can have purpose. God is interested in it all. God is for you in every area.

This is particularly challenging to me because I was always thought that God wasn’t really that interested in me. I knew I needed saving. I knew something, anything needed to happen. Quite frankly, I was accustomed to rolling around in the pig pen because I thought I was a pig. I figured worse comes to worse, someone would come along and clean me up and straighten me up a little bit and I’d get a cleaner pig posse. The whole idea that God isn’t about behavior modification but about heart transformation is still really jarring to me. The fact that he is interested in my comings and goings is surprising. The fact that I don’t have to wait for some rando but I’ve already been accepted by a loving father is too deep for words. God has not forgotten me… he is all up In my business. I am his business.