Looking for Jesus in The Old Testament

For Jesus and the culture

I had a conversation a few months ago with a Christian friend of mine. She came to me because she felt wounded or as we, millennials, like to say “She felt some type of way” about the passages she had been reading in the Bible. I knew exactly what she meant. The rape passages, the drunk and inappropriate dad stories, the juicy and salacious stories, oh and let’s not forget the whole God striking people dead where they stand part. I remember distinctly saying “Try a devotional, Don’t just go wandering around aimlessly in the Bible.” It’s true. There will be misunderstandings and all sorts of emotions that present themselves. Like that part about how God struck down someone who was just trying to make sure the Arc of Covenant didn’t fall. Like how someone raped and murdered a girl and only had to pay a fine.  I cannot tell you the amount of stories I’ve read that I missed the whole point of because I felt some type of way.

As like a two year old in christianity, I try to stick to the New Testament ( its like Gerber baby food). I just don’t have enough teeth to truly eat Broccoli or real food. I try the soft pieces of chicken from time to time with the help of a friend I can ask questions about it.  Like My church’s devotional on Genesis, I have a whole list of questions I know I’m going to have to ask at some point because my brain is reeling trying to connect dots. However, what helps me digest the trial pieces of the Old Testament is that I look for the revelation of God’s character and I look for the presence of Jesus. Sometimes it’s not easy to find. The Arc of Covenant story just feels unfair. He was being helpful but maybe the story was really about the importance of obedience or holiness. But I’m focusing on the fact that this dude  lost his life just because he touched an object.

There are places in the OT where it’s pretty easy to find Jesus. They mention him in prophecy. They call him different names like the Second Adam or the Messiah. You have to keep an open mind, just not so open your brain falls out.   But for now, I think I’ll spend most of my time in the NT.

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