God’s Plan – Not the Drake song

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Dear Reader,

Law school started.  My relationship ended. My brother got married. And I began to ponder on a particular question.

How much can I alter God’s plan for my life? 

From this question came subsequent questions: Is God’s plan rigid and narrow? Is it moveable?

What if I had gone to a different law school? What if I had gotten married to this  or that man?

What if I’m really not feeling God’s plan?

What if God has planned for me to be an excellent mother and wife and relationships seem abhorrent to me?

As a writer, I must ask Does God’s plan have room for edits?

When it’s a battle between the nudge of the Holy Spirit and my emotions, I have to admit the Holy Spirit is just not going to win all the time. Does that ruin the master plan?

I obviously have not come to some extravagant revelation or answer but I’m actively thinking about this.


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