Do the hard things, someone out there needs you to.

For Jesus and the culture

I’m a runner. When I see something in front of me that seems big, I am more likely to run away than confront it. This is the me I have always known. There’s something about being on the path that God called you to that is infuriating, frustrating and still more infinitely rewarding. I don’t think a single month has gone by since I came to law school where I didn’t face a challenge that felt too big, a mountain too big to climb, a health hurdle that seemed unhealable, a conversation that seemed unhaveable, etc.  And suddenly I looked up and I was not a runner anymore. I call insurance companies. I look for solutions. I open my mail. I greet the despairing.  I pray dangerous prayers. I sit in quiet reflection and wait for the next right thing.

I don’t know exactly the moment when things started to shift for me. When my perspective got different. When suddenly the camera angle widened and not getting what I wanted ceased to matter as much as loving people well.

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