Christian Mysticism

For Jesus and the culture

I’m been learning more about different aspects and sects of Christianity these days. One of the most fascinating ones to me is Christian Mysticism. The Encyclopedia defines Christian Mysticism as “the sense of some form of contact with the divine or transcendent, often understood in Christian tradition as involving union with God.” However, the definition that I think most encapsulates Christian Mysticism is that it is focused on “experiencing” God.

From Christian Mysticism- but probably not originally- we have practices known as Centering Prayer, the labyrinth, and Lectio Divina. Christian contemplative practices are about experiencing the mystery of God. As I like to describe it, it’s the why I feel better walking into a sanctuary of any denomination of Christianity, it’s the warmth I feel in my chest just singing worship songs in my apartment.

Coming from a Seventh Day Adventist background, I think I was taught that there is a right and a wrong way to experience God. That is a belief that is changing for me, little by slowly, as I look at all the faith traditions and practices that fall under the umbrella of Christianity.

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