What the Bar Exam means to me now

For Jesus and the culture

Dear Reader,

I realize that I told you about the first time I took the bar exam. And then right after it, the blog dropped off. The truth is I failed the February 2021 bar exam by 13 points. That’s the honest truth. But God loves a good comeback story. I passed the July 2021 bar exam with ironically 13 more points than necessary to practice in any UBE Jurisdiction. You cannot tell me that God isn’t a poet. 

The Bar exam for me has become more than just a mountain I’ve had to overcome, but something I really know a lot about. I have been giving time to help others overcome this hurdle, much like someone who graduated the year before me, did for me.  She always answered my texts and calls. She had solid resources and advice to share. I think I grew through the challenge of failing the bar exam but more importantly, I realized the importance of reaching back to help others. 

I’m reminded of the story of Jonathan and David. Jonathan’s dad was Saul, the same King that was actively trying to kill David. Jonathan had no reason to help David. Jonathan had no reason to support David. Jonathan could have been like okay um I’m staying out of this. Much in the same way, when people reach out to me for help with law school or the bar exam as a new lawyer I could easily be like umm. I don’t think I have time to help or I’m staying out of this. Jonathan did not only — not stay out of it—but he actually got involved. He pledged his allegiance to David being the next King, recognizing that this meant Jonathan himself was not going to inherit the throne.  CRAZY. That story is just wild.  God be wildin’ out sometimes. 

Much in the same way, I think we are called to wild out on behalf of God. Sometimes we can help, in easy ways. I know when I studied for the bar exam, I got random food deliveries from lawyers from Twitter. I got letters of encouragement, sometimes with a check. I know I checked in with someone daily and another person weekly to hold me accountable for the hours I said I was going to study. I was encouraged and I was nurtured. AND THAT’S THROUGH TWO STRAIGHT BAR EXAMS.  So whatever I can do to help, I do. God’s comeback story is also a Sankofa story— I’m to go back and get anyone I left behind.