Christianity and Race

For Jesus and the culture

Dear Reader, 

Let’s talk about race. In honor of Black History Month, I feel like I have to take a moment to discuss this uncomfortable topic.  

As many resources exist on liberation theology, diversity,  critical race theory for Christians, the reluctance to engage is still very large.  Not surprisingly. White supremacy is still a Christian colonialism concept. The Klu Klux Klan is historically a Christian organization. It is 2022 and we are afraid to look at our history, which, in turn, means we are somehow doomed to repeat it. 

It’s not just about race. Discrimination based on race causes educational disparities, financial disparities, food deserts, puts people medically at risk, and causes a lot of harm. 

If we are the body of Christ, Christ’s arms need to be reaching, Christ’s hands need to be healing and overall we need to be addressing structural inequality as Christians. 

What about using that church basement for after-school tutoring or a  GED class? Or a Narcotics Anonymous Meeting?  NARCAN training? Finance classes?  These are simple things that do some harm reduction in terms of addressing inequality. You can help one child get up to speed before high school, preventing them from dropping out. You can help one mother get off drugs and become a brilliant addition to the Parent-teacher association. You can help save a life with NARCAN. You can teach black youth and adults how to use what little resources they have effectively. 

But I don’t know how to do anything? I guarantee you someone next to you does. Maybe you have the funds to power the next after-school program. Maybe you have the mom-group that can be its part-time tutors. 

It pains me when we think, it’s hopeless, we can’t really do anything. 

So What if I can’t? I serve a God who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all I could ask or even think. All I have to do is pitch in.