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Dear Reader, 

Since I talked to you a bit about my body image/ weight struggles, I thought I would take a moment to talk about my meal planning- plan. 

Firstly, I freestyle breakfast. I do not prepare breakfast. I used to bake some breakfast muffins but that’s just too much work/ mess for me. I know some of you are fans of baking so breakfast muffins might be right up your alley. Instead, I make green smoothies with blueberries, oat milk, green smoothie powder, and vega powder. I also have instant oatmeal and cereal available. Sometimes I feel in the mood for some homemade avocado toast so I keep that option open too.

Secondly, I make a big lunch and I make a big dinner– and separate it out into four portions in glass containers for the week. Basically, on Friday, I eat out.  I’ve seen a lot of meal planning plans that are just too complicated for me. I simplify my life by eating the same thing for lunch every day and then making a unique meal for dinner and eating that for dinner every day. This is only doable if you are okay with eating the same thing for four days straight. Or if you have family/ kids that will be okay with eating the same thing for four days straight. 

I find that it works for me and I really love how it simplifies my life and budget. I just have to find two recipes to make a week and then make a lot. 

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