The Story of Deborah

For Jesus and the culture

Dear Reader, 

I would like to end Women’s History Month with the story of Deborah:the judge, the military leader, and the prophet. The Book of Judges even describes her as a “mother of Israel” but it can be assumed that this is a title as there is no mention of her actual children. I just want to take a deeper look into the characterizations of Deborah and what that could mean for us, as women.


What is most interesting about Deborah’s story is that she was called a judge before she called Barak to war. People came to her to resolve disputes: she was–what can be described in modern day terms —a mediator. She would just sit under a palm tree and help people. 

Maybe you’re called to resolve some minor disputes that are happening around you… as a woman of God. As a woman who can hear and discern the voice of God, maybe you can help. 

Maybe you’re just being called to stop stirring the pot. I love gossip, I mean wow do I love to know the tea about everyone and everything, but that aint biblical. People’s business should only be in your mouth if you are praying in your prayer closet and talking to God about helping them find a solution. 


Another interesting aspect of Deborah’s story is how Deborah became a military leader. Barak was the military leader for the Israelites at this time. His army was something like 10,000 in number. Because Deborah was attuned to the voice of God she told Barak, commanded him- in the authority God had given her- to go to war with his army. Barak was nervous about going to war and he said he wouldn’t do it unless Deborah came with. (Judges 4:8)

Barak put Deborah in position because he needed support. Maybe you need support. Maybe you need to call in backup in your life right now and the backup is divinely ordained to see you through this season. 


The real reason any of this happened, is because Deborah was attuned to the voice of God. Today too many things distract us from the voice of God. It’s very hard to discern if that was God or the debate on twitter that triggered the next desire in your spirit. 

What is most interesting is that Deborah’s prophetess-ness was different from the priests of the day. Biblical scholars say that she didn’t go make sacrifices. God just talked to her and she shared what she heard (leading worship and preaching). 

Maybe you are called right now to draw nigh to God so he will draw nigh to you… so you can be attuned to his voice. I’m not say you’re going to be a prophet or dream dreams and see visions… but maybe someone is waiting on you to be the hands and feet of God, which you can only be after you hear from Him.