Working out faith with Family

For Jesus and the culture

Dear Reader, 

This month we’re going to be talking about all things family. Whether a family of choice or family of origin, whether they be friend or foe, let’s talk about family and faith. God wants us to have connections with people. No person on this earth is an island, nor designed to live on in isolation. AND NO ONE IS PERFECT. Families have all sorts of issues. They’re not called generational curses for funsies. Where there are people, there will be problems. Let’s talk about it. Let’s talk about where boundaries should be or where there should be a brick wall. 

Please know that you and God are responsible for your own life. Talk what I write with a grain of salt. I can only share my experience. Life has ebbs, flows, and changes in circumstances so what may be okay for me today, may not be ok tomorrow. The only thing that doesn’t change is God.