Are you in Rebellion or walking in God’s plan for your life?

For Jesus and the culture

Dear Reader: 

Sometimes God’s plan for your life doesn’t make sense to anyone. It’s not just when its something unconventional like being a missionary and moving down to Guatemala or somewhere you’ve never been with a two year old. It can be something good and very ordinary like becoming a lawyer.

When I heard God call me, I thought the idea was crazy. I took the idea to my brother and my  brother asked me if I was sure I was ok? When he asked if I thought I was mentally sound enough to withstand the immense pressure that is law school, I said…I don’t know. To be honest, I didn’t know. 

But the call was crystal clear, I asked God for a full scholarship to a very specific school. I didn’t just ask, I made a demand. I was like if you want me to do this, do this for me and God came back… and came correct. How could I say no after that? 

After the non- warm response from my brother, I enrolled and more or less kept it to myself. It wasn’t until I was in the middle of my second year of lawschool that my father exclaimed in surprise… so you’re really actually trying to be a lawyer. Perhaps he thought it was like all my other majors, attempted degrees and certificates… That I would try it and then drop it when my interest waned. Perhaps he was still holding out hope that I would go to medical school. And law was rebellion to the idea of being a doctor.  Who knows?

Sometimes you are not in conflict with God’s plan, other people are ( even family and closest friends). In those times, perhaps its best to keep the idea to yourself. It’s better to guard your heart. Imagine if my brother had managed to talk me out of the path that was already laid before by the divine. Imagine if my mother’s snide comments could keep me from God’s plan.  Sometimes the best plan of action is to keep your mouth shut and to keep in prayer. 

What to do When You are Not Sure:

  1. Ask God. The closer you are to God the clearer the communication about who you are his plan for you are. 
  2. Turn off the screen. Sometimes You need to be quiet to hear.
  3. Go to corporate worship. Sometimes the presence of God is more palpable in actual church. You are not meant to be alone. Maybe your small group leader can speak life into you. You won’t know that if you ain’t at small group. ( I know I’m talking to someone now. lol) 
  4. Don’t Google It. Sometimes looking at the cost, or the list of what you need to do will choke out the seed of what God wants to do with, for and through you. Don’t choke the seed. Let God grow it big enough so that you don’t kill it when its time to make big moves)
  5. Zip your lips. Right now is the season for the Lord to water the seed. Don’t tell your brother, mother, father, auntie, second cousin, etc about the idea the Lord gave you til its ready. Til the seed has been watered and nurtured far enough into growth that a stray comment won’t kill a dream. 

I hope that helps y’all today. Go out there and let God pour into you and water those seeds!