The Spiritual Benefits of Exercising to Worship Music

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Dear Reader:

When it comes to getting in shape, there are many different ways to go about it. Some people prefer to go to the gym, others like walking outdoors, and others enjoy participating in sports. But have you ever considered adding worship music into your fitness routine? Believe it or not, several spiritual benefits come with exercising while listening to praise and worship music. I already told you, I’m sure, how much of a big fan of music I am. 

First and foremost, exercising to worship music can help to get your mind and body in sync. Finding time to slow down and connect with our bodies can be challenging in our fast-paced world. As we age, taking care of our physical health becomes even more critical. Oh boy did I feel the difference health-wise between my twenties and thirties. Not looking forward to 40s. Anyways,  exercise is a great way to manage caring for our bodies, but worship music can also help add a spiritual element. When you focus on moving your body in time with the music, you can feel a deeper connection with the divine.

In addition, exercising to worship music can also help to reduce stress and anxiety. In today’s society, it’s too easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. This can lead to feelings of stress and anxiety. But when you take time out for a fitness routine that includes worship music, you can begin to feel more relaxed and at peace. The combination of physical activity and spiritually uplifting music can help keep your mind and bring you back into alignment with your true self.

So if you’re looking for a way to add some spirituality to your workout routine, consider this playlist:

FlameJoyful Noise
Lecrae & Andy MineoComing in Hot
EBNot Today Satan
NF Let You Down
ZaunteeGod Taught Me
Derek MinorChange the World
Social Club MisfitsWar Cry
GritsThey All Fall Down
Andy MineoYou Can’t Stop Me
JsonOh Yea
Christon Gray50 Shades
LecraeJesus Muzik
L. A. SymphonyKing Kong
S.O.Talk in Code
Taelor GrayKeep On
Eshon BurgundyTestify
Grits Ooh Ahh
Angie RoseThat Fire
KJ-52They Like Me
Eric Heron & OneBeat MusicDuos