Science and faith in times of disaster (Like Covid)    

For Jesus and the culture

Dear Reader:

Any one of us can see how easily science and faith can disagree in times of disaster.  One will always assert that it has the true answer to this calamity over the other. This is something we clearly saw in the early days of the Covid-19 crisis. There was serious divisiveness about whether or not to take the vaccine or boosters, etc. I’m not here to talk about that. As you can tell from my prior discussion of science and faith, my beliefs are that science and faith merge to provide better health outcomes for all. And I will continue to say that God wants us all to have a life and to have an abundant one. 

Aside from that, these days seem like there is one disaster after another. If I was in charge of the universe, I probably would be sad. However, I can take comfort in that the only person I’m responsible for is myself and I’m only responsible for my choices , God is responsible for the outcome. My choice, like let’s say to eat overnight oats and green juice every morning , does not necessarily mean that I will enjoy the grand health benefits other people enjoy. Half the green juice might go straight to my urine. I might mess up my androgens or be messing with my blood sugar. God is responsible for outcomes. I am only responsible for doing my part. 

And Do my part I must. Faith without works is dead, indeed. So I urge you to draw nigh to God and make wise choices. I’ll see you in November!

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