Easy winter craft ideas for when you’re stuck in the house

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If you’re looking for something to do this winter, why not try your hand at some fun and easy crafts? From making your cards and decorations to cozy knitwear, there are plenty of projects to keep you busy. And what’s more, crafting is a great way to relax and de-stress. So get out your supplies and get ready to get creative!

Make a wreath out of old newspapers

Get creative and crafty with your old newspapers! Making a wreath from recycled materials is an easy way to get crafty and upcycle. All you need is to gather up the newspapers, scissors, glue, and some string or ribbon. You can cut out shapes or strips of paper from the newspaper and use these to create the wreath shape. When it is complete, all that’s left to do is add a finishing touch by attaching a bow of your choice, such as some colorful ribbon. There’s no wrong way to make a newspaper wreath—make it bold and striking with large pieces of paper, or subtle with tiny strips interlaced together to form a delicate frame. This project also serves as a fun activity for all ages—it’s perfect for family member bonding during the winter months! With just a few simple materials, you can have the satisfaction of creating something unique and beautiful that expresses your creativity. Plus, it’s an incredible way to give old newspapers new life! This DIY project can be further jazzed up with other materials such as buttons and beads if you want a sparkling touch on your newspaper wreath. So get creative this holiday season and make something special just for yourself!

Turn an empty wine bottle into a vase for fresh flowers

Reusing and upcycling are great ways to use the items that occupy our living spaces without breaking the bank. A fun and creative project you can do with minimal effort are turning an empty wine bottle into a vase for fresh flowers! All that’s needed is a few general household tools and some patience; this do-it-yourself project has endless possibilities! To begin, choose an empty wine bottle–whether black, green, or clear glass–to place in a pot of warm water on your stovetop. Put it on low heat until the bottle is covered in steam (it should take just a few minutes). After that, grip the neck of the bottle firmly with oven mitts or towels and carefully twist off the neck. Once cooled, wash away any remaining label glue from the scored lines left around the bottle. Dry it out and you now have your very own decorative upcycled vase for your lovely space! Place wildflowers or boughs of your favorite plants to show off your green thumb skills. Whether decorating indoors or outdoors, creating something beautiful out of common items is always inspiring–as well as giving new life to something collected. So go ahead and be creative while helping out Mother Earth at the same time! It’s a win-win situation all around.

Create a photo collage of your favorite memories

Your favorite memories are the ones you will remember and cherish for life, so why not capture them forever in a photo collage? Not only is it easy to create a stunning collage out of pictures, videos, and other types of media, but it’s also the perfect way to relive those special moments. When creating your collage, think about what makes each image special to you. Maybe it’s from an unforgettable time with friends or family, or maybe it reminds you of an important event in your life. Whatever the case may be, each image should tell its own story — and when combined in a single artwork, these stories can create something utterly unique. A photo collage helps to immortalize your most cherished memories and is sure to evoke powerful emotions whenever you take a look at it. So take some time out of your day to assemble the perfect collection of images and create a lasting keepsake that you’ll be proud of for years to come!

Side note: I LOVE COLLAGES. I realize that all of this are messy ideas but winter is the time to get messy and watch snow fall. DO IT !

Paint a picture of your favorite winter scene

In my favorite winter scene, the snow lies heavy and pristine on the ground. The trees stand in stark contrast to shades of white, their silvery branches stretching like veins against a deep blue sky, illuminated by a bright winter sun. Ambling across the field, I come upon an immense pile of snow – the perfect ramp for launching myself into powdery softness. Nothing can compare to racing down that mountain of snow on a sled or even just tumbling lightly off of its apex. This, coupled with running and jumping until I am out of breath, is one of my most cherished winter activities. In this wonderful landscape, I also appreciate how everything is transformed under the cloak of white so that familiar places look like something completely new and exciting. At winter’s end when the blanket melts away again, I take comfort in knowing that I’ll be able to experience it all anew once more when cold times return. Until then, I remember it fondly as part of those rare and beautiful moments in life that make life distinctly worth living.

Make a gingerbread house out of graham crackers and candy

Making a gingerbread house out of graham crackers and candy is a great way to get creative in the kitchen. Start by gathering all the supplies you need such as graham crackers, colored icing, and plenty of assorted candies. Next, prepare your workstation so that you have easy access to all the materials. Think about what type of house you want to make and plan out your design before getting started. After that, it’s time to build! Use the graham crackers for walls and roofing, the icing for cementing them together, and the assortment of candy for decoration. Believe it or not, creating a gingerbread house out of traditional ingredients isn’t that different – just construct the walls with graham cracker sandwiches filled with frosting instead of dough! So go forth and get building – no matter what kind of gingerbread house you make with this method, it will be sure to delight family and friends alike!

Build a fort out of blankets and pillows

Make your fort – it’s easy and fun! All you need is some blankets, pillows, and a little creativity. Start by draping the blanket over two chairs or other pieces of furniture to support it. Then grab some more blankets or sheets and arrange them in triangular shapes coming down from the top blanket to create walls. Add pillows to the inside for comfort and decoration–throw in some colorful stuffed animals for more fun. Don’t forget to find a way to close off the sides such as using a rolled-up carpet as an extra door. With your fort complete, now you are ready for hours of imaginary playtime! Build a train station out of chairs and make passenger tickets under a desk or pretend you’re camping under the stars with fairy lights twinkling overhead. No matter what activities you choose, building a fort out of blankets and pillows will surely create special memories that will last forever. So go ahead–it’s time to escape into your imagination!

Bible Journaling 

I know you remember a time when Bible Journaling was a huge craze. People were just buying tons of highlighters, special pens, and special Bibles with special paper. Now dust off that hidden journal Bible you have somewhere and get to work! Or if you don’t have a Journaling Bible, maybe use your regular art supplies. Paint a scripture. What images come to mind when you read this verse? Draw the image. Write the verse on top of it. I’ve been doing that with my mini watercolor notebook after work and it had an impact on my ability to unplug. Let’s use this winter to get crafty with Jesus! I’ll share one of mine with you below: