How to Maintain a Godly Attitude on the Job and Succeed as a Christian 

For Jesus and the culture

It can be challenging to stay motivated and remain in a godly attitude while working in an environment where staying professional and competitive is the norm. As Christians, we should strive to both excel at our jobs as well as ensure that our beliefs are reflected in whatever we do. This can be done through maintaining a godly attitude on the job – both through our actions and words – that honors God while also assisting us in succeeding professionally. This article will discuss the importance of cultivating an attitude that honors God when we are at work, provide examples of how this can be done, and finally include tips for sustaining motivation and staying positive no matter the situation. With faithfulness, hard work, commitment, and positivity – Christians are sure to succeed as professionals in any type of workplace environment that honors their religious beliefs. .Work is a part of our lives that can be difficult for many people. We put in long hours at the office, sometimes work shifts that are physically demanding, and are often surrounded by a lot of negativity in the workplace environment.

There is always something to keep us from feeling like we have control over our own lives and careers sometimes. With these factors in mind, it can be challenging for some to maintain a godly attitude at work even when they put their best effort into it. On top of all this, many Christians encourage one another at work with words like “God bless!” or “Have a nice day!” which can be jarring to those who may consider these phrases inappropriate.

A diversity of religions and beliefs is normal in the workplace, but this reality can create a culture where people feel as though their values are being pushed aside. Even if someone is respectful of others’ beliefs, they may feel unwelcome or be made to feel uncomfortable when their religious preferences are not considered a priority for the majority of employees. This environment will likely affect employees’ work ethic and overall productivity as they work to claim space for themselves and maintain the peace in the office.

Because faith is such an important part of an individual’s life, the ability to be self-expressed in the workplace is a fundamental human right. In what ways can employers and employees practice religious tolerance? Employers should make an effort to promote a culture of diversity and religious tolerance within their company, especially on major holidays like Christmas, Easter, Hanukkah, or Ramadan. In order to ensure that all employees feel comfortable expressing their faith while still showing proper respect for others, employers should educate employees about how to celebrate each holiday appropriately.

The Bible gives guidance on how to behave and feel at work. Ephesians 6: 6-7 (ESV) discusses how we should render service with good will as to the Lord and not to man. Colossians 3:23 states “ Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men.” The Bible reminds us that the work of our hands is for God. Because of this we should be glad and maintain a good attitude in serving others. This can be very challenging depending on the workplace environment. Oftentimes we feel discouraged or struggle as we try to do what God would have us do. We need to remember that “in difficult times have courage.” We also need to pray with faith so that each day we do what God would have us do.

The thing that helps me the most is that when I walk into my office for the day, I pray over the tasks for the day. I pray over the people that I know will be involved in my day and I will encounter in my day. I try to pray for God’s guidance and for peace over my day.I also have a lot of grace in my daily routine. I don’t always give it to myself, but I know what it is and use the tools that are given to me.

If you feel that there is a need to talk with someone about your work environment feel free to contact a friend, church leader, or pastor. Happiness is found in service to God and others. A positive attitude brings the best results for everyone involved. When we serve others our tone of voice changes from complaining and judgmental to encouraging and compassionate. It is important to remember that everything that happens in our lives may not be part of God’s perfect plan, but when we do our best and serve others, things will start to look up. Start each day with prayer. Be specific in your prayers. Tell God what you want, need, and desire for your day. And Most Importantly, Trust Him to accomplish it. 

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