The Benefits of Living an Authentic Resurrected Life with Jesus

For Jesus and the culture

Living an authentic resurrected life with Jesus can bring a host of benefits to individuals. When we accept the power of God’s love and commit to living a life that is based on His teachings, we can experience eternal life in Christ. We are no longer bound by the constraints of our earthly lives, but instead are empowered by the promises of Heaven. With God’s grace and guidance, we can experience a level of joy and peace that is unparalleled in this world. Through faith in Jesus Christ, believers will find themselves living an authentic resurrected life filled with purpose, hope, love, nourishment, and healing.

When we live life authentically, it gives us the power to share God’s love with others. We can then give hope to those who are struggling by offering the good news of eternal life in Christ. It is a privilege and honor to be able to minister healing through our actions and words. By living an authentic resurrected life with Jesus, we will not only experience all of the benefits listed above but also have the opportunity to share His love with others through our lives. Living an authentic Resurrected life with Jesus has so many benefits that it would be impossible to list them all. I encourage you to take time to think about what benefits are most important to you and then focus on living a life that is true, honest, and filled with meaning.

One of the areas I struggle with as a Christian is anger. When I am angry, I am very likely to throw out the whole relationship. I have taken Cancel Culture to heart. I will block you, stop frequenting places you frequent, see you in the grocery store and not say hello. You won’t even know why I’m mad and why you’ve been cut off. That approach isn’t biblical. The bible says that we’re not to give the devil a foothold- an opportunity to come in and wreak havoc. The bible even gives a deadline for how long you’re allowed to be angry before you need to go find that person and work it out. Do I do that? Nope. 

We’re still called to live a life that is one with our Resurrected Christ, whether we feel like it or not. 

What are the benefits of living an authentic Resurrected life with Jesus?

 -It is possible to live in a way that honors God by being true to who we are

-We can love others without compromising our beliefs or giving in to fear.

-We will know the love of Christ and have access to his power in our lives, lifting us up and helping us walk through life with hope.

-God’s power becomes available as a source of strength. and peace in our lives.