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Working out faith with Family

Dear Reader, 

This month we’re going to be talking about all things family. Whether a family of choice or family of origin, whether they be friend or foe, let’s talk about family and faith. God wants us to have connections with people. No person on this earth is an island, nor designed to live on in isolation. AND NO ONE IS PERFECT. Families have all sorts of issues. They’re not called generational curses for funsies. Where there are people, there will be problems. Let’s talk about it. Let’s talk about where boundaries should be or where there should be a brick wall. 

Please know that you and God are responsible for your own life. Talk what I write with a grain of salt. I can only share my experience. Life has ebbs, flows, and changes in circumstances so what may be okay for me today, may not be ok tomorrow. The only thing that doesn’t change is God. 

Birthday praise

Do over Before the Game is over

Today is my 32nd Birthday. My aunt sent me this photo. In 2006, I was about 17 and I preached a sermon called Do over before the game is over. I laughed when I saw this photo because I did not yet have a full understanding of God’s redemption at 17. But wow it resonates me with today. That God is in the heavens and he’s in charge. He’s still God and I’m not Him. That the game is only over when he says it is. I’ve been preoccupied by all matter of physical illness but not only can God heal he can heal in a way that people never knew you were sick. Dear Lord, we thank you for what you’ve Done so far in our lives. We praise you for your character of love and long suffering patience. We praise you for being bigger and better than we can understand. Please help us to ask for what we need. To speak to you. If our tendencies are to withdraw let us instead draw nearer. Please give us a do over before the game is over. In the name of Jesus we pray, Amen.

The myth of Millenial- Flight?

I’ve noticed that there is a ton of Christian blogs discussing millennials. It is hilarious to me because most of these article authors assume that there is some sort of mass exodus of millennial happening in the church. It’s a heated panicked discussion of “how do we reach millennials?”  As someone who has recently returned to church ( 2 years and counting), I can explain my reasons for leaving the church, the community of God.

1.I didn’t feel it was relevant. From a social justice standpoint, I didn’t see churches uplifting blighted communities, teaching black men what their rights were, or comforting sexual assault victims. To me, the world had gone to hell and a hand basket and the bride of christ was sitting  on the porch drinking tea.

2. Too many arguments. People wanted to discuss things like should women preach, should women wear pants, men being the head of marriage, what day is the sabbath and I felt like I had better things to do with my time.

3.There was too much emphasis on doctrine, not enough about the good news. We believe this and this and this… oh by the way Jesus died for your sins. At that point, I just went so everything I am and do is a sin and against the beliefs so why do I need Jesus. I wanted to go where it’s warm. Where I was welcomed and not rejected. That is not. to say that there are not hard truths that need to be said. But it’s all the approach.

When I returned to church, I was met with arms open wide. Nobody cared if my skirt was too short or if I had multiple tattoos, or what my journey had been like. I was constantly reassured that above everything I was loved and had received grace upon grace upon grace. Nobody tried to force me to be a certain way or dress a way. They told me that its not my job to change people… that’s all Jesus. Jesus does the heavy-lifting. He who began the work is faithful to complete it.

I don’t believe millennials are leaving the church in droves. We are forming  our own communities of church. Where we can be accepted with face piercings and entire sleeves of tattoos. Where we can curse and still love Jesus.